Limnor Codeless Programming System

Limnor Codeless Programming System 3.3

It is the first generic purpose codeless visual programming...

It is the first generic purpose codeless visual programming system in the world. It can be used to create computer software without using computer languages.

Because developers can add their desired features to the Limnor system via Limnor SDK, virtually there is not a limit to what this system can do.

The following are a few examples: Database applications Kiosk applicationsInternet payphone kiosks Multi-language applications. For example, kiosks at an airport.

The computer software you create can support as many human languages as you want, your users can instantly switch between languages. CD-ROM titles Student yearbooks Interactive sales presentations Personal information management Business data management Education software, combining relational databases, math formula, graphic representation, dynamic data flow, etc.

Personalized software, such as media players. Built-in multi-language UI and contents support lets you easily add multi-language support and instantly switch languages.

Automatically create release and delta release, distribution via CD-ROM, and/or run directly from CD-ROM. Complete kiosk features include automatic remote monitoring, user activity logging and statistics, program control by smartcard and coin validate, phone dialer, send emails, user questionnaire, automatic remote updating, on screen keyboard, voice over internet, etc.

Built-in database support allows you to connect to all client/server or desktop databases. Interactive query builder powers your applications with interactive database search.

Limnor Codeless Programming System


Limnor Codeless Programming System 3.3

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